From idea to online business in 5 weeks

"No-code" is the fastest and easiest way to build online businesses today.

By building without code, you can eliminate the immediate need for developers, plus save yourself time and $1000s. Makerpad founder Ben Tossell is a pioneer in the no-code space and expert on the topic. In this 5-week, cohort-based course, he and Makerpad's Head of Education Amie Pollack will teach you all the foundational aspects of no-code—equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed to start turning ideas into tangible online businesses.
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Do these resonate?
Then No-Code Fundamentals was created for you.


You want turn your ideas into income


You want to learn new technical skills


You want to unlock the power of no-code


You want to automate your biz

Tessa learned to build without writing code and launched a number of projects with her skills. She now runs her own company, raised money from investors and is full-time time with her own team (and she still doesn't write code!)

Tessa Thomas
Founder, Recruit-HQ

Stop procrastinating. Start building. 🚀

Your comfort zone is holding you back. Get out of it and finally start making your ideas a reality.

Do these problems sound familiar?

You're not sure where to start

You know you want to make an income from the internet, but you're unsure how to land on a great idea and get going. So often, great ideas can come once we just start doing something. The Build-Learn-Build method we teach in this course will help you feel more inspired by encouraging you to start building from Day 1.

You're a procrastinator

Maybe you have an idea but spend too much time in analysis paralysis. Maybe you have started building but you got distracted. It's easy to get side-tracked when you're working alone, but being surrounded by a cohort of peers with deadlines to meet will help hold you accountable and keep you on track.

You feel overwhelmed

You know what's overwhelming? Having too many ideas swirling round in your head and too many tools to choose. This course will give you a foundational understanding of the tools available, their features, and how to choose what you need. And, by focusing on building from the get-go, you'll find yourself choosing one idea—any idea—and turning that into something great.

You lack confidence

Don't be put off if you feel intimated by the thought of building online, or you lack confidence in your technical ability. Our cohorts offer a friendly, supportive community where it's safe to make mistakes, ask questions, and experiment without fear of being judged. This course will push you out of your comfort zone, but for good reason. After 5 short weeks, your zone will have been expanded and you'll feel a new sense of confidence!

How two students got their project to #1 on Product Hunt after graduation

Pejman Pour-Moezzi and Michele Drabiniok met as members of cohort 1. Pejman was already working on his platform, Reflective—a tool that lets users combine automation with human decision making. During the cohort he recruited Michele to help him with design. The two hit it off, and using their new no-code knowledge and skills, before long Reflective was ready to unleash to the world. They listed it on Product Hunt and reached #1 Product of The Day. Reflective now has hundreds of subscribers!
Read their story

Best-in-class education: Get taught
by the pioneers of no-code

Ben is the founder of Makerpad and is known as one of the original no-code pioneers. Makerpad was acquired by leading no-code automation tool, Zapier, in 2021. Ben has built more than 100 projects without code, including Makerpad.  Makerpad is the leading platform for no-code education, with a community of over 17,000 people spanning all stages of the no-code learning journey. Ben's vision is to teach everyone, everywhere what can be done without needing to know how to code.
Amie is the Head of Content at Makerpad. She has led the strategy and direction of all our educational content. Amie has created hundreds of hours of tutorials and mastered many of the tools in the space. She has helped individuals, SMBs, large companies and investment funds improve their processes and operate more efficiently, without writing code.

What does this course teach?

5 weeks of building. New projects and themes every week.

Week 0

2-5 November
Onboarding Week

During onboarding week, you'll get an overview of no-code and the tool landscape, laying the foundation for the work to come in the following weeks.

Week 1

8-12 November
One-Page Websites, Memberships & Community

In week 1, you'll launch straight into the theory and practical of building with no-code tools, kicking off with a 1-page site and a membership-based community.

Week 2

15-19 November
Databases, Automations & Directories

In week 2, you'll learn how databases form the foundation of many no-code-based projects, as well as how to minimise repetitive tasks and reduce manual work using automations.

Week 3

29 November-3 December
Mobile Apps & Selling Online

In week 3, you'll dive into the world of building mobile apps without code. You'll also learn the fundamentals of selling online using no-code tools.

Week 4

6-10 December
Marketplaces & Internal Tools

Using all the knowledge gained so far, you'll tackle building your own marketplace, before wrapping up any loose ends on other projects ahead of showcase week.

Week 5

13-17 December
Final Showcase Week

This week you and your peers will take part in 2 live sessions where everyone will demo their best project(s) from across the 5 weeks.

4 session types to suit every learning style

Live Lessons

Showcase what you've built with peers, give and get feedback, explore new ways of building.

Tuesdays & Thursdays

9am PST | 12pm EST | 5pm BST
Duration: ~60-90 mins

Expert Speakers

Double down on your learning with sessions hosted by experts from various no-code tools and industry domains.


9am PST | 12pm EST | 5pm BST
Duration: ~60-90 mins

Coworking & Office Hrs

Connect 1-1 with your peers and build together, plus a regular opportunity to get 1-1 help from your instructors.

Drop-ins throughout the week.

On-Demand Lessons

Recordings and resources are released each week to complement that week's topic and project builds.


Update! Exclusive Q&A and free book from Sahil Lavingia of Gumroad 🎉

Gumroad founder and new author Sahil Lavingia will be joining us for a special one-off live Q&A in the next cohort!

Sahil is much loved in the maker community, having grown a successful startup that to date has helped creators earn more than $520 million—and for candidly charting his highs and struggles along the way.

His first book, The Minimalist Entrepreneur, goes on sale later this month. It's "the manifesto for a new generation of founders who would rather build great companies than big ones."
Not only will Sahil join us for an exclusive live session, but all students of the next cohort will also each receive a free copy of Sahil's book! 👏

More success stories from our alumni students

Kickstart your creator journey

Next cohort starts November 2nd
8 live build sessions guided by our expert instructors
Special guest workshops with industry experts, offering advice, feedback and best tips for success in your niche
18 hours of on-demand lessons for self-paced learning
Frameworks and playbooks to help you grasp the fundamentals of no-code and help you build anything with any tool
Access to a private community of makers, entrepreneurs, and creatives from a wide range of industries and specialisms
Lifetime access to your cohort's recordings and lessons
Genuine opportunities to graduate to a Makerpad Advisor—build your profile, get showcased, and level-up your no-code skills
1 year's free Makerpad PRO membership (worth $249)
$50,000+ worth of deals for no-code tools
$450 early bird pricing until October 26th
$850 thereafter
Really. Free forever.
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What's the time commitment?

You'll need to commit a minimum of 4 hours a week to the compulsory live sessions — beyond that you're welcome to spend as much time as you like connecting with course mates and working on your builds. Most students will commit 4-6 hours a week to this course.

Do I have to attend every session? What if I can't make it?

There are a number of sessions that require you to attend live. Of course, if you have to miss a session or two, that's not a problem — but you and your course mates will all learn most effectively with everyone in attendance.

What timezones does this course suit?

Live sessions will usually be held around 5pm BST | 12pm EST | 9am PT. Everything will be recorded so if you can't make the live sessions, you'll be able to catch up.

If you're on a timezone that means you likely won't be able to join live sessions, here is some extra info for you:

The theory side of the course is delivered to all students as self-paced, on-demand lessons so you'll be able to watch/read those in your own time just like all the other students.

Outside of that, students are encouraged to connect with one another in their own time both in Slack (where the whole cohort connects) or separately. So if there are students on a timezone that works with yours then you should be able to buddy up :)

The emphasis with this course is really about building and practising as much as possible in your own time, so if you're committed to doing that AND you don't mind watching the replays (or joining live sessions at the times stated above), then I'd say go ahead and join us. But if you're not comfortable with the above then this might not be the right course for you.

What tools does this course cover?

We will be talking about and using a number of different tools, including (but not limited to):

Adalo, Glide, Airtable, Zapier, Softr, MemberSpace, Memberstack, Carrd, Outseta, Webflow, Sharetribe, Circle, Super and Notion.

What's your refund policy?

If you change your mind after buying a seat, we can refund you in full anytime up to and including Monday November 1st 2021. If you have already activated your 1-year Makerpad PRO membership which comes included in the course fee, then we will refund the course fee less the cost of Makerpad PRO 1-year membership.

If the refund cut-off date has passed but you cannot commit to taking the course, we can defer your payment and apply it to the next cohort (please note that this can only be done once). If you choose to defer and you have already activated your 1 year's subscription of Makerpad PRO membership, this will not change and will expire 12 months from the original date of activation.