When you’re thinking of a no-code product idea, a good place to start is with your passions or hobbies. That way you’ll have an extra dose of motivation and interest in building it out. When we found Paul Beresuita, we were immediately impressed with how much of his interests had turned into fantastic no-code projects and tools.

Here’s his story!

Hi there, my name is Paul Beresuita. By day, I am a lead engineer at a big corporation, but by night, I’m an entrepreneur.

I was born in Peru, and I have always had an entrepreneur mindset. As a kid, I would create garage sales, and I would sell household items to my Mom and Dad! When I was in middle school, I would help my dad grow his cab company by handing out business cards and going to businesses to promote his company.

In college, I would create iOS apps for clients and make websites for small businesses. Today, I both mentor and build products using no-code tools. So far, I’ve built over 10 projects on Bubble. I’m happy every time I open the editor because I can just focus on the problem I’m trying to solve, and not on server setup, hosting, frameworks, etc. That’s the great thing about no-code, it’s no frills too!

Some of the projects I’ve built on Bubble

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve built many Bubble products. Three I would like to showcase are TinyLaunch, SoccerTeam, and RaceCircle. All of these projects are built in Bubble. I’ve tried most of the no-code builders out there, but I keep coming back to Bubble.


TinyLaunch came from seeing so many entrepreneurs focus on building their product, but not so much on the problem they are trying to solve or customer acquisition. TinyLaunch gives you all the necessary tools and a place to brainstorm, research your market, plan your acquisition tactics, and even plan your builds. It’s a personal startup incubator. It gives founders all the tools necessary to scale their product at every phase, including ideation, market research, build planning, and customer acquisition.


SoccerTeam came from a fun hobby of mine! I often see people trying to create plays and set formations through chat, but it lacks a visual component. I decided to create a soccer formation generator that you can share with your team. SoccerTeam is a team generator for captains to plan their formations before games.


RaceCircle came from another hobby of mine, which is running. I would plan my race weekend using different tools and create an itinerary in my notes app. I wished there was a way to keep it all together in one race app but also see how other runners are spending their big race weekend, and maybe even copy their plans! I built this tool to help runners plan their race weekend before their big race and share it with family or friends.

My biggest challenge in building businesses – customer acquisition

This has always been my biggest hurdle. It’s an important topic for founders, and the common question is always, "How can I get users?" I am learning that acquiring customers is very manual in the beginning.

You have to search for the right groups, forums, sites, etc., so you can find your target audience and reach out to them individually so you can learn, modify your product (from feedback), and repeat. That’s the way to scale at the beginning.

I’m leaving out a lot of details here, like how you approach your target audience, what questions to ask, etc. (This is another product I am working on!)

If you are at the “beginning” stage of being a founder, I would say explore as many tools out there without any expectations. This way you get a sense of what’s possible. You will slowly find products/services in a sector you like that can be improved and go tackle them!

I’d also recommend reading founder stories, you’ll find plenty of those on IndieHackers or Reddit. There are so many lessons in their journeys that will create “shortcuts” so you can accelerate your journey!

For example, just yesterday, I saw how a maker advertised his product on TikTok, and he got over 14k signups. His videos show him using his simple site-builder app to build different sites. It never would’ve occurred to me!

Explore, experiment, and learn from others.

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Paul! You can follow his journey on Twitter here!

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