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How to Build and Sell a Startup: Workshop with Sahil Lavingia, Andrew Gazdecki & Ben Tossell

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Aug 18, 2021
This workshop will be recorded

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💡 What's the right path to follow to build a successful startup? And how do you get acquired?

​Navigating the path to success can be a challenging experience. But following in the footsteps of others who've walked it — and come out the other side better for doing so — is a sure way to get your business off the ground with minimal chance of failure.

Join Ben Tossell, Sahil Lavingia and Andrew Gazdecki in this 75-minute workshop, diving into their collective knowledge on the topic.

​Ben Tossell founded Makerpad in 2019, and grew it to the largest no-code community on the web before selling to automation powerhouse and unicorn company Zapier, in March 2021.

​Sahil Lavingia is founder and CEO of Gumroad, a successful SaaS which Sahil has grown to a $100m company in just 10 years. His course, The Minimalist Entrepreneur, teaches what Sahil believes is "one of the simplest and easiest ways to get started today."

​Andrew Gazdecki built MicroAcquire as a startup acquisition marketplace focused on SaaS — a free resource for entrepreneurs bootstrapping their way to success.


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August 18, 2021
This event has passed


This workshop will be recorded