Airtable is part spreadsheet, part database. I love the flexibility it provides and the different features it offers. Google Sheets may be quicker to do more basic spreadsheet-stuff but Airtable feels a lot nicer from a UI perspective and offers a bunch of extras that make it worth while. The PRO version has access to Blocks which allows you to create app-like functionality. Plus there are a ton of templates built by industry experts to give you a leg up. I love the different types of fields you can assign (attachments, URL, link to record, dates etc) but the one thing I will say is that I wish I was quicker in moving around and doing things - whether that’s from my side or functionality.

Makerpad offers a free, tailored online program that teaches you how to build in minutes and validate with real paying customers, without code. Guaranteed to help you get something built in 7 days or less, flexible to fit your busy lifestyle and catered to your skills.