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Episode #35 Taimur Abdaal – Causal
Causal helps you build financial models effortlessly and share them with interactive, visual dashboards in a way that everyone will understand.
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Episode #34 – Nicolas Sharp – Attio
A fully customisable workspace for your team's relationships and workflows
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Episode #33 – Tom Osman, Arvid Kahl – Zero to Sold
Arvid Kahl is the founder of The Bootstrapped Founder and author of Zero to Sold.
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Episode #32 - Arisa Amano, Bob Remeika – Internal
An internal tools platform that allows anyone to create without code, reducing dependence on engineering and enabling businesses to do more with less
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Episode #31 – Albert Santalo and Sebastian Scholl – 8base
8base allows you to connect your enterprise data sources and expose them through a unified GraphQL API.
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Episode #30 - Ankit Gordhandas – Intersect Labs
Ankit Gordhandas is the founder and CEO of Intersect Labs.Intersect Labs offers services that enable intelligent decisions involving machine learning from spreadsheet data in 3 clicks.
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Episode #29 Deep Dive – How Cottage created a thriving startup with Hubspot and Airtable Featuring David Peterson
In this new series, Makerpad Deep Dives, we break down real-world solutions for you to clone inside your own organization.
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Episode #28 - Sid Yadav - Circle
Sid started Circle in October last year with two other co-founders, both ex-Teachable. Circle is the modern community platform for creators, and is used by Makerpad (!)
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Episode #27 - Greg Isenberg - Late Checkout
Greg’s an entrepreneur and VC currently running Late Checkout, a startup studio/agency trying to create startups by focusing on unbundling Reddit
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Episode #26 – Max Lind – 8020 Agency
8020 is a new agency focused on helping great companies move faster, without code.
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Episode #25 - Wade Foster – Zapier
Wade Foster is the CEO and co-founder of Zapier.
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Episode #24 - Moritz Dausinger - Founder of Refiner
Moritz is a tech entrepreneur with deep knowledge B2B SaaS.
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Episode #21 - AJ - How personal and business roadmaps have changed since COVID, and how Carrd is carving out it's own niche.
How personal and business roadmaps have changed since COVID, and how Carrd is carving out it's own niche.
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Episode #2: Joseph Cohen - Building digital products is an everyone thing at Universe
Serial entrepreneur Joseph Cohen launched Universe as a no-code, mobile-only website builder
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Episode #3: Kenny Hanson - Building a coaching platform & democratising access using no-code tools.
Kenny helps people go from idea to product quickly. As the founder and a mentor on Mentor Pass.
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