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"MakerPad is the ultimate community for entrepreneurial generalists, like myself. I love that I can think of an idea and bring it to an active community of people who help me build it. I’ve not only learned a lot about the no-code landscape, but I’ve made a handful of great friends in the process."
"MakerPad had really opened my eyes to the extensive possibilities with no-code tools. MakerPad has allowed me get back to creating. The membership is worth the value! It comes with great templates and step by step videos that will get your project up and running 2x faster!"
"I am a ML Engineereven for me - for everything that I thought that would take weeks to build/try out -  the community has shared ideas/tools that could be used to build out the same thing in few hours or days at most.The overall warmth and exclusive knowledge with the souls here is exceptionally understated.
MakerPad is not just for those who cannot code - but for any Maker!"
"MakerPad has been an essential resource for me and 20Startups: helping me ship and test concept ideas at speed, with a helpful and warm community to bounce ideas off"
"I know how to get by with coding but I also work full-time and have many other responsibilities. I was finding it hard to sit down and code and seeing how it’d take me to build the thing i would get discouraged. After finding Makerpad and the community that Ben has created I’ve felt more confident in building and shipping products and idea. All the tools you need to get started and work towards validation can be found right here"

A business that allows users to create without the need for code?

The world of no-code is like a box of lego where Makerpad is the guide. Our team can help you get in front of thousands of users and show what's possible without needing to code.
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What kinds of tools can you make?

All kinds, from Airbnb mobile app clones that have a separate host app to smaller tools that help you be productive at work. I've seen the community build everything from a marketplace to buy modular homes to and online academy.

What is this no-code movement?

We're writing a manifesto on this. We don't focus so much on 'without' code. We focus on tools that help you build things, without the need for code. It empowers those of us who aren't technical to be able to build and helps everyone create + validate quickly. p.s. 25% of the community are engineers!

Why do so many people come to you?

I've been building with no-code for years now. I'm curious and like to push these tools to get the solutions I've thought up. I'm thankful that such an awesome community has built up around that. I get to build new ideas all the time, for a career - and show you how!

What kinds of people join Makerpad?

Again, all kinds. We have CTO's, Y Combinator alumni and folks working at Google. Professionals use us to build tools for work and creators use us to turn their ideas into a reality. Come join us.

What's the limit of no-code tools?

You can build tools that easily support thousands of users (Makerpad does). People often run before they walk. Think about getting to six figures revenue per year before worrying about millions.

Seriously, what are the limits?

Lambda School had thousands of users and raised a $30M series B and they used no-code tools (Airtable, Zapier) to run their business. That's a good benchmark.

How long will Makerpad be around for?

We have raised some money to help us grow from some awesome investors including Earnest Capital, Balaji Srinivasan, Sahil (Gumroad CEO), Nalden (WeTransfer founder) and many more awesome angels. We're not going anywhere.

Is that it?

Probably. If you have anymore questions reach out to me (Ben) on Twitter @bentossell or if you're a member then ping me in Slack and I can help!

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