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Frequently Asked Questions

Why no monthly pricing?

People are busy and have a ton of monthly subscriptions to pay already, we don't need to give you another one.

For a learning community like ours, it's difficult to align education and monthly payments - life gets in the way. Some days you're wanting to dive in and learn something new, then something may get in your way for a month or two.

We've found our memberships work best with a longer-term view on pricing to better align to our value and how we deliver it too.

How much is the Team plan?

It's pretty straight forward pricing for the team plan, it's $450/user/year and it starts at 5 seats as minimum, but there are discounts for number of seats required.

10 seats = 10% discount = $4,050/year
15 seats = 15% discount = $5,737.5/year
20 seats = 20% discount = $7,200/year
25+ seats = 25% discount = $8,437.5/year +

Are the tools mentioned included in the membership?


Some tools have free trials or you can take advantage of our deals but we cannot include those prices within our membership.

What are the deals?

There are over 100 so we won't list them all (you can see them here). We pay for our members to get access to Secret. Secret aggregates deals from across the ecosystem to get the best offers available. We've partnered with them to provide our members with those deals.

We do have some deals of our own that our partners have given us. So if the deal is not on Secret, it's on our deals page which you'll get access to after you sign up.

Some of the tools you may want to know about: Notion ($1000 credit), Airtable ($1000 credit), Bubble ($500 credit), Typeform (6 months free), Adalo (6 months free), Retool ($1000 credit), Memberstack (6 months free), Weglot (12 months free)

How does Makerpad compare to other tools?

We are a learning community. We are not a tool that you use to build your project, but a place to learn how to do that. We can't be compared to the likes of Bubble, Webflow, Airtable etc because we are not an alternative.

How often is there new content?

Weekly! We have lots of content types and this is intentional. We like live workshops but timezones are hard so we record everything. Tutorials come out weekly too which are pre-recorded lessons. If you have a request for content, let us know!